Freehold Acquisition

Ownership of a freehold comes with many difficult tasks that take time and money; maintenance, insurance and ground rent all contribute to many people deciding to sell their freehold. This is where Harveys Property Management can help.

With over 30 years of experience, our family business will carefully guide you through the process, making the sale easy and supporting you throughout. Free up time and capital with our professional freehold purchase service.

We purchase freehold portfolios of any size with varying lease terms. Perhaps you have a block of flats or a converted house, even if you have issues with building insurance, ground rent or disputes, these issues would be transferred to us in the sale.

Get in touch today to see how easy selling your freehold can be with Harveys Property Management.

Get In Touch

We’ll talk you through the process and take some details.

Receive Your Offer

After a thorough market assessment, we’ll contact you with your verbal and written offer.

Notices will be served

If you wish to proceed, the Section 5 notices can be served to the tenants. As the Freeholder you are legally required to offer first refusal to your tenants.


If the majority requirements for tenant purchase are not met, our solicitors will begin the process of acquisition.