Block Management

Block Management


We currently manage a number of residential blocks of flats and apartments in the Torquay area. Our Block Management  role includes all the responsibilities of running efficient and well maintained sites. We endeavour to ensure that all residents feel that their block is looked after to a high standard.

Block Management services

    • Management of all relevant maintenance and services including cleaning etc.
    • Arrange any necessary repairs using our own experienced and reliable workforce
    • Dealing with any disputes or issues which may arise within the block
    • Insuring that tenants in rented properties abide by the terms of the lease
    • Budgeting and management of all expenses and keeping full records to support annual accounts
    • Block Management Torquay

Submitting records to the relevant accountant to finalise the annual accounts

  • Carry out regular and frequent inspections of communal areas
  • To assit solicitors acting for residents and their prospective purchasers in matters arising during the conveyance of the leasehold interest. An administration charge is payable for the preparation, copying and delivering of the
    appropriate paperwork payable by the seller in question.

Block management Torquay

We charge competitive management fees on the basis of the number of units within the block.